Welcome to the home of Magnolia Street Floral! We are a brand-new specialty flower boutique located in Brighton, Massachusetts.

We will service your every need when it comes to flower design – ranging from funerals to weddings to corporate catered events!

You name it – we can do it!

Here are some of our wonderful creations!

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Also, please be advised of our newest specialty – dog crafted flower designs! Yes, that’s right, we can now make flower arrangements in the shape of your beloved pooch! We started this service due to the request from many dog owners across the downtown Boston area. Far too often a dog owner will want to have a great memorial in honor of their beloved dog. Standard flowers simply do not do the dog justice. This is where we come in. We created our wonderful dog floral arrangement service in order to give dog owner’s the power to give their dog the funeral that the pup deserves.

We all know that dogs are man’s best friend. Now we can truly send them off to the afterlife in style. You can even request to have your dog’s floral arraignment made in their favorite precarious positions – such as when your dog was begging for a treat or playing in their dog playpen. In fact, our most popular action dog cake has been of dogs playing in their dog playpens! People just love to remember the moments when they were outside at a BBQ and their dog was in their playpen with him. A lot of our clients tell us that their dog playpen was their dog’s favorite spot. We would have figured it was their dog crate, but what do we know (other than dog cakes!)! Anyways, we really, really, really love making dog cakes showing dogs in their metal dog playpens

Your dog deserves the absolute best. That is why you should entrust Magnolia Street Floral with your floral needs. We will do your dog justice in our creations. If we were dogs, we’d say that you were in the most capable of paws 🙂

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